About Us

About NIIT

Established in 1981, NIIT Limited offers skill based training to aspiring youth and working professionals across multiple sectors like Banking, Management, Digital Marketing, E-commerce, Retail, and new-age IT programs. These courses are available to students through NIIT centers in India, China & other countries. In addition NIIT services millions of school students in India through its school learning initiative, and also millions of employees of large corporates across the world through its corporate learning business.

About NIIT.tv

NIIT.tv is a digital learning initiative that brings skills training from NIIT classrooms directly to every digitally connected Indian - for free. The courses on NIIT.tv platform can be accessed on a computer, tablet or smartphone anytime, anywhere. NIIT will select from the entire population of courses launched each month at various locations and make a certain subset of courses available on NIIT.tv. In the initial phase, over 20 skill-based training programs in IT, banking and finance, retail and management have been made available through this platform. These live courses will be streamed through multiple channels from dedicated state-of-the-art studios across India, effectively offering a program calendar equivalent to a multi-channel TV network.

In addition all the courses would also be available on-demand at any time. All courses would be delivered through videos plus additional online services in form of digital courseware, collaboration, assessment, etc. Courses will be offered (to begin with) in English and Hindi, and progressively also in other languages.

NIIT.tv unlocks the constraints of time, place, language and money, and brings quality skills training from the NIIT classroom live to the citizen anywhere, as long as he or she is digitally connected through a computer or a smartphone, or has easy access to free or low cost public digital services. NIIT.tv builds on the strong foundation that NIIT has laid with its Cloud Campus and its associated Cloud & Collaborative Learning model. By opening this up to the larger eco-system of learners, teachers, mentors, and experts, NIIT will catalyze the availability of career enabling & career accelerating skilling solutions. Learners across India will have access to the proven Cloud Campus learning enablers such as Cloud Courseware, Cloud Lab, Online Assessment and Collaborative Learning.

NIIT.tv will offer

  • Live scheduled courses – streamed from the state-of-the art NIIT studios
  • Any-time On-Demand Courses for the learners to view the courses at the their preference
  • Get instant access to all online services related to the course – on sign-up
  • Stored video library for the sessions missed
  • Collaborative learning through Buddynet – Discussion Forums
  • Certificate of attendance can be issued based on evidence of online completion of the course.
    • If NIIT performance certification is desired, users can visit an NIIT testing center.

The first ten thousand registrations in beta phase are now open, following which registration to NIIT.tv will be through invitation only.