Tips and Tricks for Clearing Aptitude Tests

Course Description

Aptitude tests are conducted to test your logical, verbal, numerical, abstract reasoning, and more. At an academic level, whenever the student takes up an academic course, passing these psychometric tests help them understand their areas of expertise and their natural abilities in performing well in certain areas. Most of the post graduate courses require the student to pass these aptitude tests as a pre requisite to get an admission in colleges and universities. is an online training platform, an offshoot of the NIIT brand that provides instructors who train you in different aspects of these aptitude tests. These tests are also used in corporate during job interviews to test the skills of the potential employee. 

Course Objective

  • Tricks and many shortcut formulas will be taught to answer any of the aptitude questions.
  • Since, most of the corporate visit universities and colleges to recruit employees, you can use this course to brush your aptitude skills and perform well in the interviews.
  • You can understand the basics of how to approach a psychometric test and pass this exam with the assistance of these videos.
  • For instance, if you brush up your skills on numerical systems, you can answer questions in quantitative aptitude better.
  • Right from working with percentages, ratios, mathematical formulae, etc need to pass most of the competitive exams like GMAT, CAT, etc, you will be at an advantage of securing a better score when you take this online course by working on these aptitude questions.

The aim of this course is to provide training in solving aptitude questions in spatial, logical, and abstract reasoning, linguistic skills, verbal reasoning, and more. The most important aspect of successfully passing this test is time management. This course teaches you how to approach any question and answer it accurately within a given time. You can learn to follow a strategy of quickly solving questions that you know and later moving on to the difficult questions.


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