android networking in hindi

Android Networking Tutorial In Hindi

Course Description

This Course on Android networking will help students to enhance their knowledge of Android application development and gain more deep knowledge about latest and famous android technologies like working with REST Api, JSON Parsing, AsyncTask etc. This course explains the basic tasks involved in connecting to the network, monitoring the network connection and giving users control over an app network usage. It also describes how to parse and consume XML data. These Tutorials include a sample application that illustrates how to perform common network operations and learn how to connect to the network, choose an HTTP client, and perform network operations outside of the UI thread.

Course Objective

This Course covers:- 1. Overview of Movies application 2. How to make http request in Android application 3. How to avoid Application not responding ANR problem and explore AsyncTask 4. How to make HTTP Post request and pass request parameter to the api 5. How to make get request to API and parse the JSON response 6. How to fetch popular movies data from The Movie Database api 7. How to create Custom array adapter 8. How to send Object data from one activity to another activity

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