The Art of creating Relationship with Yourself

Course Description

We want every relationship in our life to be perfect and in harmony. But how many times have you pondered on having a relationship with your own self? Unless and until you are not at peace with your own self, you cannot find peace and harmony in other relationships. It is your inner world which needs to be at peace first. The outer world is a mere reflection of how things are going in your inner world. This course will help you to identify the weaknesses as well as strengths you have within you. Also, it will help you to eliminate stress, anxiety or anger from your life to make your life more fulfilling.

Course Objective

  • Understanding the different emotions one stores within
  • Exercise to let these inner emotions come to surface
  • Simple techniques to build a connection with yourself
  • The importance of having a relationship with yourself
  • Simple exercises to release the pent up anger and self criticism

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