Art of Nourishing your Relationships

Course Description

Our relationships are the most cherished thing in the world. The entire life revolves around the one we love and we want them to understand and reciprocate the love that we demonstrate. But still, there are differences which keep pondering our mind. There are thoughts like have I made the right choice, did I make it too early to say till death do us apart and so on. Seeing happy couples, we feel like there is something wrong within ourselves or our relationship in total. But the good news is there is nothing like being imperfect. Only imperfection brings you closer to understand and explore yourself and your relationship closer. This short course will help you understand how to restore and nourish your relationship for lifetime.

Course Objective

  • Understanding the basic issues faced by couples
  • How can change be incorporated in your lifestyle
  • Developing healthy couple communication
  • Identify your relationship strengths and work on increasing them

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