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Communication Tree Pronunciation

Course Description

The Communication Tree is a useful visual representation of speech, language and communication skills in children.  It helps us to see how communication skills grow from other skills such as attention and listening.  It also helps us to see how the roots to speech and language skills are founded in the child environment soil and therefore parents, carers, nurseries, preschools and schools all have role to play in every child development.

Course Objective

The main goal of this course is to help you improve your spoken English skills to enable you to communicate more effectively in English. Native English speaker proficiency and expression are not expected of OEPP students. The general expectation for certification is the ability to communicate in English without great effort or misunderstanding for all parties involved. Our goal is to assist the student in developing skills in the goal areas (intelligibility, vocabulary, grammar, presentation and interactive communication) so that any deficiencies in skill or practice do not interfere with communication.

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