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Fluid Mechanics

Course Description

Witnessing a phenomenal growth in chemical industry in the last few years, Indian chemical Industry has moved its focus towards research and development in the field to further develop new areas like- biochemical engineering, fluid mechanics, fluid dynamics, polymer science, Interfacial science etc. Creating a fusion of conventional chemical engineering practices with modern engineering methods, Chemical engineering has gained a strong significance as a discipline with high international standards. 

Course Objective

This course is designed to introduce students with the basic principles of Fluid mechanics and dynamics and solve elementary problems associated with it. The core objective is to develop fundamental understanding of the major features of fluid behavior and help students in:

  1. Understanding and applying fluid mechanics fundamentals
  2. Understand the basic conservation laws of mass and momentum
  3. Understand the relationship of chemical engineering with fluid mechanics
  4. Understand fluid dynamics
  5. Develop the ability to link real life problems with fluid fundamentals

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