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Finite Element Analysis

Course Description

The finite element method and its applications to engineering problems: truss and frame structures, heat conduction, and linear elasticity; use of application software; overview of advanced topics such as structural dynamics, fluid flow, and nonlinear structural analysis. This course has heavy computational demands with students writing, compiling, running, and extracting results from their own program(s) implementing the finite element method in FORTRAN and in addition, using a commercial finite element package (ANSYS, ABAQUS or FIDAP) to solve a practical problem. This is done in a UNIX environment on graphics terminals attached to an HP9000 minicomputer in the department computer laboratory, the CSO Convex, or other available computer workstations.

Course Objective

This video course on finite element analysis covers the fundamental concepts and is designed for a first course on finite elements suitable for upper division undergraduate students and beginning graduate students in civil, mechanical, aerospace, biomedical and industrial engineering

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