Effective Conversation

Course Description

Business communication is a separate course altogether that professionals from various sectors or those who are applying for an interview can take up. In this course you will learn the basics of business communication. Usage of certain words and language structure is what makes business communication effective. In this course you will know how to make a conversation, let it flow, and also exit a conversation without being abrupt. You will also be able to identify the most common errors made during a professional conversation including business communication etiquette and techniques to improve your conversation.

There are many fillers and colloquial expressions that you can avoid during a conversation. If you must say, you can say it in your mind and not out loud. This gives you the time to collect and organize your thoughts and structure your conversation. Also, avoiding redundant and repetitive information, keeping it brief and fluid is a simple tip that makes for a consistent and effective conversation. In this 45 minute video, you will learn techniques to improve your business communication and speak effectively in a work environment. The universal mantra here is to keep it simple!

Course Objective

When you enter a professional conversation there are various stages of this conversation that you can identify. One of the key elements here is to identify that in a business environment, when you have a conversation, you let the free flow of communication by curbing the need to dominate the conversation. This ensures that you become a good listener and also add your two cents to the ongoing conversation without trying to overpower it.

Course content

This course aims to help to attain the objective of being able to carry out the most effective business communication in any professional environment. Adding a sense of humor, keeping your voice quality audible, and generating a level of interest are one of the few important aspects of effective communication that you will learn in this course.

  • Process of having a conversation
  • Tips for face to face conversation
  • Techniques to improve your communication
  • Common errors to avoid in speech, such as using fillers in conversation, etc.
  • Speed of conversation and flow.

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