Career Growth and Development

Course Description

If you have known programming languages that are no more used in software development, then your career can see growth when you upgrade your skills and learn new technical skills. Likewise, if you want to seek a career growth a step above in the hierarchy and vouch for managerial roles, then you need more than technical skills. An additional degree in management studies will be helpful in growing your career. This 35 minute video course gives insights and tips on how an individual can grow in the IT industry.

When you are looking at promotion or if you are selected for newer roles; looking into the job description to get an idea about the skills that are required by you is important. Meeting deadlines is one of the essential aspects of any job. This course gives you tips on career planning and how to evaluate the skills that you need for a job. It throws insights on the time frames, quality, and how your skills coincide with the vision of the organization. It also encourages doing you’re bit of research and analysis to adapt practices that are suitable for the organization. Building relationships and learning new software are just amongst a few skill sets you would need to grow your career.  

Course Objective

Planning your career is essential even as a fresher. When start gaining experience in any chosen industry, you cannot see growth unless and until you learn new skills. You can find skills that help you go ahead in your career. You can get a review and feedback about your knowledge and skills from an expert on that subject. Timely feedback and rework on your skill sets can help you go a long way in your career.

  • Learn about your core competencies
  • Analyze the skill set needed to grow in your chosen industry
  • Get feedback and guidance from experts in the industry
  • Organizations can provide employee development programs to retain employee loyalty
  • Organizations can also promote learning culture through these programs
  • Drive employees to develop new skills

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