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Basics of communication

Course Description

Communication is a cornerstone of building relationships, especially, at the place of work. The way you communicate can make or break a relationship. A workplace requires its employees to communicate professionally. The very basics of communication require you to focus on the tone, intonation and the language that you use even during disagreements. Being able to communicate professionally goes a long way into paving a path for your personal and professional success. Speaking in grammatically correct language in written and verbal communication becomes the key to growth in a professional arena.

Communication skills require you to have written and verbal skills that are grammatically correct and not verbose. In this course you will understand how to use simple and crisp language and linguistic skills to communicate effectively. Whether you have to send out business emails or create business presentations, you will be able cut down on certain commonly made mistakes and focus on precise language and communication skills. Professionals in the technical background can leapfrog in their career when they have better communication skills. Making verbal communication jargon free, brief, and structured makes it effective. Communication also includes your body language, your facial expressions, and gestures. All of this put together can make you look like a thorough professional in any field. 

Course Objective

In this course you will understand the essence of effective communication. Being able to articulate your ideas and thoughts with clarity can make a huge difference to the way your function at your work place. Understanding the thought process and analyzing them becomes vital to be able to have an effective two way communication. Whether it is a presentation or a business meeting, being able to send across the message requires clear communication. When you understand the basic of communication, you will be able to form better interpersonal relationships.

In a 2 hours session, you will understand how to communication in different situations and also about the types of communication at work place. The course objective includes.

  • Tips for effective communication
  • Types of communication
  • Process of effective communication
  • Significance of effective communication in a professional world

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