Attempting Interviews Successfully

Course Description

NIIT's 'Attempting Interviews Successfully' course is designed to help learners understand the complete interviewing process and how to succeed in interviews. Being fully prepared for an interview, no matter what the position and level can be paramount for your success. The course will help you in understanding what is an interview and identify the important skills needed to succeed in an interview. The lead instructor for the course is Carma D Rodrigues.  

Importance of Interview

The interview is a mutual exchange of information between an employer and a prospective employee. The interview questions and answers give employers a chance to access the candidate's skills and understand whether a person is a perfect fit for the job profile. It is the perfect selling opportunity for the organization as well as the candidate. Employers get an opportunity to learn more about a candidate's background and explain what the various responsibilities that a job entails are. Whereas the candidate gets a chance to present themselves and understand whether the organization or the job is the right fit for you. Candidates can also gain insight regarding the job expectations and get a feel of the company's culture. 

Course Objective

Course Content:

  • Understand what is an interview?
  • Understand the type of interviews.

            -In person (open on one, board, walking, campus, rotational)

            -Distant (Telephonic, Video)

            -Blend (Combination of in person and distant interview)

  • Understand the various stages of an interview


            -Information exchange regarding the candidates Education, work experience,        health check, demographics, skill, qualities as well as gaining knowledge about    the company.


  • Identify stress and weakness during the interview process
  • Myths related to interview

By the end of the course Learners will also be able to understand the Tips and Tricks to make your interview successful, including projecting the right strengths and avoiding highlighting weakness during an interview, which would make sure that you get the right job.  

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