Self Presentation

Course Description

Presenting yourself in the right manner, can lead to a successful career as well as help in creating a powerful social and professional network. The course is designed to help you in improving your presentation skills, whether it is for an interview, an organization or even a person. The Lead Instructor for the course is Carma D Rodrigues. 

Effective self presentation will help you gain confidence and expertise. It is about portraying yourself positively in all situations which will help others perceive you positively and help you in creating a positive self brand. Personal presentation is crucial in one-to-one situations, interactions with peer group, meetings as well as in less formal settings like socializing with friends. How others perceive you can be critical in situations and you should always aim to be viewed as confidently and positively as possible. A learner's appearance and comprehension of personal presentation techniques like positive body language that will boost your confidence. 

Course Objective

  • Comprehend how to prepare for job interviews
  • Understand how to attend an interview
  • Practice preparing for and attending interviews
  • Recognize the purpose of a group discussion
  • Contribute in group discussions
  • Understand the course of action for answering interview questions
  • Practice answering interview questions

By the end of the session learners will be able to understand the need for making the right first impression, be conscious of their 'self brand', comprehend the need of creating a visual identity as well as understand grooming essentials. Learners will also be able to understand the importance of creating and maintaining the appropriate professional appearance in the work place. Learners will also be able comprehend how they can highlight their best traits or characteristics to impress people.


Self presentation and brand image management help others evaluate and access you. By acquiring the right presentation skills learners will be able to achieve both professional and personal success. The course is ideal for students as well as professionals looking to improve their Self Presentation Skills. 



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