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Data Structures And Algorithms

Course Description

Data structure is a fundamental programming concept which emphasizes on implementing the techniques to develop certain software by designing, analyzing and implementing different data structures and algorithms. As an important subject under software development, a conceptual understanding of data structures is given to students. Realizing that Algorithms are heart of Computer Science, this subject is designed to give pace to the programming experience and offer the interested learners an edge to prove their computer skills.   

Course Objective

The main purpose of this course is to offer student with a solid foundation of programming based knowledge and introducing them with the different data structure & Algorithm designs. It is also intended to help students counter different programming problems through designing of appropriate algorithms and data structures. It helps them to:

  • Getting familiar with algorithm analysis
  • Writing recursive methods
  • Handling the implementation of linked data structures
  • Gaining knowledge of advanced data structures like- balanced search trees, hash tables, disjoint set & priority queues etc.
  • Mastering the standard data structure library of Java
  • Analyzing problems and finding solutions
  • Analyzing the performance of algorithms
  • Synchronizing common engineering problems with efficient algorithms
  • Develop a conceptual understanding for better programming experience

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