fundamentals of database systems

Introduction to Data Analytics

Course Description

Data Analytics is known as the science of analyzing data and transforming it into useful information later transformed as insightful knowledge. This knowledge is intended to enable us in understanding the world around us in a better way and making perfect decisions. In the phase of continuous growth and declining costs of processing data, there has been a need to follow experimental approach to problem solving. This course is designed to present a wide range of data analytic techniques.  

Course Objective

The core objective behind designing this course is to help the learners know about the different types of data analytics inclusive of inferential, descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics. To help students handle huge databases, this course introduces learners with basic data science techniques and utilize the data analytic tools for data mining and decision making. It also aims to:

  • Help learners learn the use of major algorithms used for data mining
  • Help learners to handle large scale data analytics
  • Equip students with fundamental tools and techniques to analyze data with larger volumes

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