Business Imperatives and Principles of Marketing Training

Business Imperatives and Principles of Marketing

Course Description

Marketing is the essence of any business and therefore it becomes important to understand the basics concepts of Marketing and accomplish business objectives. This course is focused towards bringing a better conceptual understanding of the marketing terms in the minds of aspiring marketing managers. 

Course Objective

This course is aimed to introduce the students with basic fundamentals of marketing, creating a marketing plan and know about different marketing strategies. This course will lead the learners to become a marketing manager and will help them to:

  • Achieving an enhanced understanding of  modern marketing concepts
  • Enable them to create a successful marketing plan
  • Identifying  the marketing mix components
  • Interpret marketing research data to forecast industry trends and meet customer demands.
  • Implementing Effective business marketing strategies
  • Know about types of Marketing
  • Understand market segmentation

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