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MEMS and Microsystems

Course Description

This course will cover a wide range of topics related to MEMS fabrication technology and expand on to some of the design issues, bearing in mind the technology constraints. Can it manufactured?! It will include examples of the design and fabrication of physical sensors like gyroscopes, accelerometers, etc. Of course a, course is not complete if we do not know what the current market drivers are for MEMS products and where the future holds for this exciting and fast expanding technology. Few people realise, the many mobile devices in our hands having savvy features is because of the advances in MEMS technology. 

Course Objective

This course covers topics on Introduction to BioMEMS and microfluidics,Important materials for fabrication of BioMEMS platforms,Design of ISE. Finding selectivity coefficient for a mixed ion system.,Introduction to Cell biology, Basic structure of DNA,Protein charging at different pH range, Amino acids, protein polymerization, Transcription , Translation,Micromixers: Design and  mixing principales,Etching techniques, evaporation and sputtering & Photolithography techniques.

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