electrical machines

Networks and Systems

Course Description

The goal of this course is to introduce challenges in securing computer systems and networks. We will discuss various types of vulnerabilities in existing software interfaces, such as buffer overflows, unsafe libc functions, filesystem design issues, etc. We will also discuss modernday defenses against attacks exploiting these vulnerabilities. In network security, we will discuss security problems in network protocols and routing, such as sniffing, denial of service, viruses, worms, and defenses against them. The course will involve reading research papers on relevant topics, programming assignments, and projects.The course is intended for senior undergraduates and first year graduate students.

Course Objective

This course is designed especially to help the aspiring students to apply their knowledge into various ranges of industries and develop electrical engineering skills right from understanding the basic network and system theories. Providing an overview of basic electrical engineering practices with the help of classroom and experimental work, this course offers them a better practical knowledge of networks and systems. It also helps them:

  1. Achieve understanding of communication networks
  2. Understand different aspects of computer systems engineering
  3. Undergo training experience in the field of computer science & engineering

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