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High Voltage DC Transmission

Course Description

In This Course, We will learn about General aspects of d.c. transmission and comparison of it with a.c. transmission. Different types of power rectifiers and high voltage rectifier (converter) circuits, analysis of the bridge converter, converter control and mis-operation, inversion. Protection of high voltage d.c. systems, d.c. circuits breakers. Cable lines and overhead lines for d.c. transmission. Steady state and transient characteristics of d.c. power transmission systems, influence of a d.c. transmission system on the steady state stability and transient stability of an associated a.c. power system. Harmonics and filters, ground return of d.c. transmission systems.

Course Objective

In early invention of electric energy, dc power was used but due to limitations of low voltage dc systems, ac systems become popular. With increase interconnection and loading of power system, the factors such as are reactive power, stability, power control, etc, impose limitations on the amount of power to be transmitted over ac lines. With advent of high voltage semiconductor devices, it has been possible to go for high voltage dc (HVDC) transmission for long distance power transfer.

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