Engineering Physics I

Course Description

The course covers Theory of Relativity, Dynamics of fluid, Acoustics, Thermal Physics, Geometrical Optics, Physical Optics and Experiments. This Course is part of Basic Courses for Sem1 & Sem2 Engineering. Faculty Prof. G.D. Verma,Prof. M. K. Srivastava ,Prof. B. K. Patra & Prof. Rajdeep Chatterjee,Department of physics,IIT Roorkee, Courtesy : NPTEL

Course Objective

    Topics/subtopics (#Lectures, #Modules)
  1. Theory of relativity
    Inertial and non-inertial frame and fictitious force, Michelson Moreley experiment and postulates of special theory of relativity, Galilean and Lorentz transformations of space and time (4,1)
    Length contraction, time dilation, relativistic velocity, equivalence of mass and energy. (3,1)
  2. Dynamics of fluid
    Continuity equation, Bernoulli’s theorem and its application, (3, 1)
    Torcelli’s theorem, Viscosity flow of liquid through a capillary tube, capillaries in series and parallel, poiseuille’s equation Stoke’s formula, application of stoke’s theorem, effect of temperature and pressure on viscosity (4, 1)
  3. Acoustics Propagation and superposition of sound waves, reflection, diffraction and refraction of sound waves, production and application of ultrasonics, acoustics of buildings. (4, 1)
  4. Thermal Physics
    Kinetic theory of gases
    Maxwellian dist., imperfect gases, Vanderwaal’s equation of states, production and measurement of low and high pressure. (3, 1)
  5. Geometrical optics Review of formation of images by lenses, combination of thin and thick lenses, (2, 1)
    Aberrations, doublets, location and properties of cardinal points, graphical construction of images (4, 1)
  6. Physical optics


    Superposition principle, intensity distribution, condition for interference, coherent and non coherent source, classification of fringes, (3, 1)
    system for observing the interfernce phenomna and engineering application of interference phenomena (3, 1)


    Fraunhoffer diffraction for Single slit and double slit, diffraction grating, resolving power of a grating, image forming systems (4, 1)


    Propagation of electromagnetic wave and its representation, concept of phase, randomly, plane, circular and elliptical polarized light, (4, 1)
    polarization of light by reflection, polarizer (Malus law), and crystal, retardation plated and polarimeter. (3, 1)
  7. Experiment
    Error analyses (1)
    1. Decay of current in an RC circuit (0.5)
    2. Determination of Planck’constant using Photocell (0.5)
    3. Focal length of combination of lenses (1)
    4. Coefficient of viscosity of water (1)
    5. Thermal conductivity of a bad and good conductor (0.5)
    6. Calibration of a thermocouple and measurement of unknown temperature (0.5)
    7. Determination of wavelength of light by Newton’s ring method (1)
    8. Determination of slit width by single slit method (0.5)
    9. Dispersive power of the material of the prism (1)
    10. Polarization of light (0.5)
    11. Use of Carry foster bridge (1)
    12. Study of electromagnetic induction (1)
    13. Study of electromagnetic damping and determination of terminal velocity reached by a magnet falling in a metallic tube (1)
    14. Study of LCR circuit with ac current (1)

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