Engineering Physics II

Course Description

The course covers lessons in Electricity and magnetism ,Rectangular cartesian coordinate system,Scalar Field, Mathematical preliminaries ,Scalar field and Vector field ,Epsilon naught ,Principle of superposition ,Coulomb law ,Expression for the electric field ,Electrostatic phenomena ,Additive constant ,Macroscopic fields ,Electrostatics in media ,Permittivity in a medium ,Conductors and Dielectrics ,Motion of steady currents ,Wave Equation ,Monochromatic plane wave ,Interference experiments . This course is part of Basic Courses for Sem1 & Sem2 Engineering. Faculty Prof.V.Ravishankar, Department of Physics, IIT Kanpur & Prof. S Raychaudhuri Courtesy: NPTEL

Course Objective

This Course Covers following topics:-

1. Electricity and magnetism
2. Rectangular cartesian coordinate system
3. Scalar Field
4. Mathematical preliminaries
5. Scalar field and Vector field
6. Epsilon naught
7. Principle of superposition
8. Coulomb law
9. Expression for the electric field
10. Electrostatic phenomena
11. Additive constant
12. Electro static energy
13. Macroscopic fields
14. Electrostatics in media
15. Permittivity in a medium
16. Conductors and Dielectrics
17. Phenomenological law
18. Drift velocity
19. Motion of steady currents
20. Perturbation theory
21. discrete charges
22. Effect of the currents
23. Lorentz force expression
24. Paramagnetism
25. Dependent charge density
26. Wave Equation
27. Monochromatic plane wave
28. Interference experiments

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