condensed matter physics

Electromagnetic Theory

Course Description

Mathematical Foundations: Vector Calculus, Curvilinear Coordinates, Dirac Delta Function. Electrostatics: Fields and Potential, Gauss Law, Poisson and Laplace's equations, Boundary Conditions and Uniqueness theorems, Electrostatic potential energy. Boundary Value Problems: Method of images, Solution of Laplace and Poisson equations using separation of variables, Green's Function Approach, Multipole expansion.

Course Objective

This course covers following topics:-

1. Dielectrics: Polarization, Bound Charges, susceptibility, energy and force, boundary conditions, boundary value problems.

2. Magnetostatics: Biot-Savert's Law, Ampere's law, Vector Potential, Boundary Conditions, Boundary Value Problems.
Electrodynamics: Electromotive force, Ohm's law, Faraday's law, Self and Mutual inductance, Energy in Magnetic Fields, Maxwell's Equations, Gauge Transformations, Potential

3. Formulation, Conservation Theorems.

4. Electromagnetic Waves: Wave Equation, Propagation of Electromagnetic Waves in Non Conducting Medium, Reflection, Transmission, Snell's Law, Brewster's Angle, Critical Angle, Dispersion In Non Conducting Medium.

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