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Special/Select Topics in the Theory of Atomic Collisions and Spectroscopy

Course Description

This course is about Structure- properties and applications of different metals and alloys- ceramics and polymers. A video lecture series on Advanced Materials and Processes by Prof. B.S. Murty, Department of Metallurgical Engineering, IIT Kharagpur and includes structure of materials, Nano crystalline materials, Amorphous materials, Quasi Crystals, Nano Quasi Crystals, Rapid Solidification Processing, Mechanical Alloying, Advanced AI Alloys, Shape Memory Alloys, Strengthening Mechanisms, SuperAlloys, In-situ Composites.

Course Objective

This course builds on the previous NPTEL course 'Special/Select Topics in Atomic Physics' given by Dr. P.C.Deshmukh and aims at preparing senior students for graduate research in some key areas of theoretical atomic physics.

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