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Communication Skills

Course Description

Effective communication skills can help learners impress colleagues, teachers as well as employers and can be the stepping stone for success. The Communication Skills course is designed to help learners in enhancing their verbal skills that will help them in their personal and professional life.

Additionally, in a corporate world learners need to give convincing and credible presentations and present a particular business idea or a product effectively. After taking the course learners will be able to improve communication skills and give effective presentations that will help them in conveying their thoughts in a more persuasive way. The video lecture is given by an expert of the field, Jessie Shternshus.

Course Objective

The course would revolve round the following points:-

  • Analyzing the problem statement for the presentation to be made
  • Marking the target audience
  • Estimating the market size
  • Figuring out the alternatives
  • Enlisting down the USP’s of the idea to be presented which differentiates it from the rest
  • Scaling the market window
  • Plan out the go-to-market strategy

The course highlights the importance of market surveys, analyzing the current market trend and then molding the presentation in such a way, that it wins the heart and the investment from the side of the clients.

Communication Skills course intends to teach a proper tactical way to engross the audience and to convey one’s idea in a captivating manner. The entire video session works to explain you the model to build a good, better to say, an award winning presentation.

Course Content:

  • The course is filled with interactive sessions, theoretical concept as well as practical applications.
  •  It makes use of real time scenarios, with real time learners, based on whose feedback, the lecturer proceeds with the session.
  •  It is aided with practice exercises and doubt clearing sessions.

By the end of this course learners will be know how to improve communication skills as well as presentation skills that are a must to succeed in any workplace. The course is intended for professionals as well as students. 

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