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Learn to Speak English

Course Description

Speak for Sure – Beginner level course Part –1 has 7 lessons. 
• Each lesson covers a set of functions while revising some of them covered in previous lessons.
• Each lesson has a main video. These are interactive videos.
• The main video is naturally and logically connected across 14 lessons.
• Supporting the functions covered in the main story, are small episodes, assignments narratives etc. to reinforce skills gained by the learner finally resulting in retention forever.
• An instructor guides the main video and practice video.
• The characters in the video are much like the ones learner will have in her/his life.
• The learner is expected to play and live the role of one of the characters.
• In addition to these, there are a number of speech related written exercises to gain skills in other areas like vocabulary and grammar.

Course Objective

The main objectives of Speak for Sure Beginner level Part-1 are-

• Express oneself fluently in English clearly in various situations without shyness, fear or inhibition. 
• Articulate thoughts in a clear and effective manner.
• Converse and interact fluently with an individual or in a group.

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