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Better Spoken English

Course Description

Why Spoken English – Linguistic Aspects of Mishearing – Fluency - Speaking to Multicultural/Multidisciplinary Audience - Standard Varieties of Spoken English – Tempo of Speech & Phrasal Pause in English – English Rhythm - Stress on Simple and Derived Words in English – Long Vowels in English – Friction Consonants in English – Aspects of Theatre in Spoken Communication – Grooming, Eye Contact, Body Language, Amplitude – Preparing a Presentation : Charts, Graphs, Drawings, Maps, Diagrams, Tables, Etc  – Research and Organization – Using Power Point Slides and Other Presentation Aids – Practice and Learning to Improve-  Pronunciation of Numbers, Units of Weights, Distance, Etc. – Making Presentations and Self-Evaluation.

Course Objective

Ability to speak about familiar things in basic sentences in English.

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