Financial Literacy Training

Financial Literacy

Course Description

Financial Literacy is designed as a subject, with an aim to introduce students with the basic concepts and importance of financial education. To inculcate better money management habits and to educate students about the contribution of effective financial planning into global economy, financial literacy is indeed a subject of importance. 

Course Objective

The core objective behind designing this course is to alert, inform and educate students to learn the basic concepts of personal finance and money management. The course aims to allow students take the financial responsibilities in their hands and develop a better control of their financial future. The course revolves around-

  1. Making students learn about right techniques of investing and money management
  2. Knowing the basic of saving money &  When, Where & How associated with saving.
  3. Guiding them about Why, When, Where and How to take loans
  4. Why, Where, How and When to invest money
  5. Basic understanding of Insurance matters

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