Financial Literacy Training - Hindi With English Subtitles

Course Description

This state mandated personal financial literacy course is designed to alert, inform, and educate students in concepts of personal finance and money management. Students will begin to develop the skills and strategies that promote personal and financial responsibility related to financial planning, savings, investment, and charitable giving in the global economy. Effective money management is a disciplined behavior. It is difficult to master, and much easier when learned earlier in life. This course will start students on a path toward being in control of their financial futures. Five broad topics will be the foundation of the course: college and career planning, money management, savings and investing, income, and spending. The course will teach students to search and assess college and career opportunities, identify and prioritize their personal money management goals, develop personal spending and savings plans, comprehend the impact of time on the value of money, understand the cost of using credit, and protect assets. Please note: this a standalone, independent, state mandated graduation requirement that does not count toward the 15 credit State Social Studies or Math requirement or 5 credit requirement in Practical Arts.

Course Objective

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Understand the dangers of bad debt
  • Understand the importance of spending plans
  • Decipher non-traditional financial services
  • Learn about being an informed consumer
  • Decipher when it is a good time to buy stocks
  • Identify sell strategies
  • Identify mutual fund options
  • Understand the importance in investing in education
  • Plan for the future
  • Understand what is required when purchasing a home
  • Identify the basics in taxes and tax planning
  • Decipher life insurance options
  • Recognize the importance of health insurance
  • Recognize the importance of property insurance
  • Identify the importance of estate planning
  • Keep money in perspective

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