history of india

Indian History

Course Description

This videos will help encouraged children to see a world beyond their own neighborhood, giving them more options in their aspirations. They will be equipped with reference points to grasp future knowledge. These videos will also aid in preparing students for competitive tests in the future. Along with these benefits children will also read and hear basic, good English, and learn to spell and pronounce words correctly.

Course Objective

Objective of this course is to help users understand about India's history which cover broad topic such as Indigenous people of India, Hunter Gatherers, Major religions of India, Partition, The Emergency 1975-77, Bhopal Gas Tragedy, Freedom struggle, Mughal Period: Art and Architecture, Major Empires, Indus Valley Civilization, Revolt of 1857, British in India: Early years, Culture of India, Mughal Empire, Mauryan Empire etc.

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