human resource management

Human Resource Management Part 3

Course Description

This course is specially designed to introduce the students with the functions of personnel/human resource management within an organization. This module not only focuses on the aspects of human resource management as a subject but also enriches students with case studies and theories that validate the importance of HRM theories into a business environment. 

Course Objective

This module strongly focuses on developing an in depth understanding of human resource management and helps them to know the need of HRM into an organisation. Since HRM is a vast and extensive subject, this course intends to equip students with all the requisites needed to resolve the human conflicts arising in an organisation.

The course will help the learners:

  • Develop the required knowledge & skills needed to resolve actual human resource management problems or issues.
  • Identify the human resources needs of an organization or a specific department.
  • Learn what are the implications of international HRM
  • Learn about various HRM models to eliminate cultural differences

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