Customer Relationship Management-Domestic Voice: Foundation Training

Customer Relationship Management-Domestic Voice: Foundation

Course Description

This video regarding Indian BPO industry will help the viewers know about what actually a BPO is and how the BPO industry works. The lead lecturer in this video is Deepika Batra.

BPO (Business processing outsourcing) is expanding at a very fast rate and India has become the hub of many BPO companies like Dell, American Express, Genpact, WNS among others. This course is designed to give a complete understanding of the BPO industry and will equip the learner with the necessary skills to work and grow in the sector.

The learner will understand all the important statistical and non statistical criteria of a BPO through this course. By the end of this course the learners can identify the benefits of the BPO industry and also the working of different types of BPO companies. This course will address all the questions that a learner can have regarding professional/ non-professional or IT skills that an employee should possess to be in a BPO sector. The course customer relationship management-domestic voice: foundation covers all aspects of the BPO sector including sales, communication skills market and customer service.

Course Objective

The major objectives of this course are:-

  1. Understand the meaning of business process outsourcing.
  2. Recognize the potential of Indian BPO industry.
  3. Identify top BPO companies in India.
  4. Identify services provided by BPO industry.


The learner will actually be able to relate that how outsourcing is very essential part of every successful venture. The course enlists various benefits of having a BPO which include getting the work done from the experts, which ensures better results, cost efficiency and last but not the least focused targets. We all are aware of how important customer care centres have become in this era, aren't we?


The course helps us understand the different types of BPOs including:-

  1. Domestic/international BPO depending upon location.
  2. Outbound/inbound BPO depending upon what type of service it needs to cater.
  3. Voice/non voice BPO.

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