Applied Multivariate Statistical analysis

Economics , Management and Entrepreneurhip

Course Description

This Course on Concept of Management and Evolution of Management thought includes Management By Objectives, Organizing and Organization, Coordinating, Communication, Leadership, Controlling, Motivation and Organization Culture, Comparison of Japanese and American Management, Managerial Functions in International Business, Marketing Functions, Elements of a business pitch, Getting to the top in product marketing and product management, Overview of funding options, Angel Investors and Venture Capital, Evaluating a business idea, Finding a co-founder.

Course Objective

The Subject introduces a framework to position ecopreneurship in relation to other forms of environmental management. The framework provides a reference for managers to introduce ecopreneurship. Five basic positions are distinguished according to the degree of environmental orientation of a company's core business and the market impact of the company: environmental administrators, environmental managers, alternative activists, bioneers and ecopreneurs.

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