Mobile Store Operations – In Store Promoter Training

Mobile Store Operations – In Store Promoter

Course Description

You will be able to maintain a record of all merchandise available in the store and sell products that are being promoted. You will be able to reports results and insights on competitors as well as conduct product and display management to offer a great in- store experience and customer journey. By the end of the course, you will be able to promote products, manage clients and provide excellent customer service to ensure sales.  

The course content includes:

  • Mobile Handset Segment
  • Overview In Store Promoter as a Career Choice
  • Knowing Products & Promotions of a Telecom Store
  • Customer Service in a Telecom Store
  • Code of Ethics & Conduct in a Telecom Store
  • Environment of a Telecom Store
  • Managing the Counter at the Telecom Store
  • Visual Merchandising in a Telecom Store
  • Stock Management of your Store
  • Presenting Yourself Professionally
  • Communication Skills in a Telecom Store Sales of Handsets
  • Promotion of Handsets Reporting by an In Store Promoter

Course Objective

The course will help you get a jump start as an In Store promoter and reach customers proactively. You will be able to understand basic mobile marketing concepts and trends, gain knowledge about the best smartphone makers in India and understand how to implement and optimize sales, following the best practices in the industry. Our lead instructor, Sahana will guide you on how to groom yourself and present yourself professionally in the store.

In Store Promoters are instrumental in driving brand awareness and sales. You will be able to demonstrate and provide information about the many smartphone brands available in a mobile store, suggest specific products best suited to the customers needs, as well as record and report relevant questions asked by the customers. You will be able to increase customer engagement and will be able to offer advice and give demonstrations of various products and add significant value to the store by delivering optimum customer satisfaction.

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