Retail Trainee Associate-Foundation Training

Retail Trainee Associate - Foundation

Course Description

Retail industry is widespread. If you have a product that has a sale value, or if you can innovate a product that solves a lingering problem, then retailing can prove to be a lucrative avenue to seek growth. In this course you can see how you can grow in the retail sector. To get started with having a basic understanding of the retail industry can help you understand this profession. Since, this is a $600 billion dollar industry; it is expected to seek a greater growth in future.

Sales and retail go hand in hand. If you are able to sell then you can put your foothold in this industry. This 8 minute video course gives you insights into customer services and the importance of showcasing products. It is vital to enhance the sales techniques by understanding customer needs and catering to them. You can also see the path of growth in this industry. If you start as a retail trainee associate and want to seek growth in this industry, you can grow as a store manager and then regional manager. This course also teaches you to change your personality according to the industry. The retail industry requires you to be proactive and good at communication.

  • Retail industry fundamentals
  • Growth path of the retail industry
  • Personality traits needed to succeed in this industry

Course Objective

Understanding and exploring this industry alone is not enough. Though, there is a huge potential of growth of this industry in India, it still remains one of the most disorganized sectors. The organized retail sector is capable of creating opportunities for employment and also enhancing the lifestyle of the employee. Since, India ranks as the 5th largest retail industry in the world, there is a massive scope of finding employment in time to come. Especially, since international retail brands are investing in the Indian market, the scope of growth in this industry is multifold. You will also know through this course;

  • In-depth knowledge in the retail industry
  • Statistics of the retail industry and insights
  • Growth strategy in the retail industry
  • Skills needed for a retail store associate and a trainee
  • Customer support and sales skills

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