business communication skills

Business Communication Part 3

Course Description

Effective communication skills help the learners to foster better cooperation and teamwork within an organization and also enhance their productivity levels. This course is designed to facilitate the learners with the common yet essential interpersonal skills that can bring great effectiveness to interact with individuals and groups in a business environment. 

Course Objective

The course’s objective is to not only enhance the skills of learners in verbal and nonverbal business communications, but also to make them learn how to make their internal business communication impactful. This course majorly focuses on business letter writing which is an integral part of business communication. 

The course would also help them in:

  • Understanding the importance of Business Letters
  • Tech them the effective techniques of letter writing
  • Make them learn through examples & exercises
  • Enable them with skills to write persuading Letters
  • Help them in writing effective sales letters 

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