corporate social responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility Part 2

Course Description

This course module provides an aerial overview of corporate social responsibility (CSR) that majorly focuses on today’s relationship between corporations and governments, institutions, investors and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). There are many factors that have contributed to increase corporations’ expectations to create a  CSR program which has aroused a need to study CSR in detail.

Course Objective

This course aims to offer the learners a deep understanding of CSR activities through case studies, conceptual frameworks and various tools which will help them assess different components of corporate social responsibility. This course also states the different modes of interaction between corporations and governments. It will help students:

  • Understand the relationship between ethics and business
  • Know about the theories and frameworks of governance
  • Explore the relationship between ethics, morals and values in the workplace.
  • Able to understand the ethical philosophies and how they contribute to current practice.
  • Gather and analyse information to know the major issues that affect the internal and external factors

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