developing emotional intelligence

Emotional Intelligence and Managerial Effectiveness Part 2

Course Description

It is important to deal correctly with our emotions in our work place and it is critical to our success as a manager. With the increasing pace of world,  the environment makes it more and more demanding and we need to look after the cognitive, emotional and physical resources we make use of under a business environment. This course is a perfect guide to emotional intelligence to learners. 

Course Objective

This course intends to provide learners with the opportunity to identify their own challenges in keeping up with the positive environments and overcome negativity through self management techniques. This course will help the participants to know and explore tools, techniques, skills to perform the managerial role more effectively. It will help them in:

  • Understanding what is Self-Management
  • Knowing the importance of self control as an important tool of managerial effectiveness
  • Being able to handle the managerial role responsibly by acting right according to the situations
  • Measuring their own adaptability in the business environment
  • Knowing the importance of optimism
  • Getting introduced with the steps to manage emotions
  •  Increase social awareness

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