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Leadership Influence and Power Part 3

Course Description

This Course addresses the question of how power and influence manifest in organizations. To be successful in getting things done in organizations, it is critical that you be able to comprehend the patterns of interdependence among organizational participants and to diagnose their relative power. Our focus will be on learning to read and diagnose the political landscape in organizations. How do power and influence dynamics work in organizations? What are the key sources of power in organizations? Why do we see political conflict in organizations? How can political conflict be handled to serve constructive ends?

Course Objective

The objectives of the course are to help you:

  • Develop a conceptual framework for understanding power and influence. You should be able to define power and influence and begin to appreciate how essential they are for your own career. You will learn how to identify critical sources of political conflict, and how to use tools to assuage conflict or harness it to produce constructive outcomes.
  • Practice diagnostic skills that will enable you to map out the political landscape, understand others' perspectives and power bases, and learn to predict and influence their actions.
  • Assess your own power bases and influence style and consider strategies for expanding them.
  • Begin to build a repertoire of influence tactics that will enable you to be effective in a variety of contexts and situations.
  • Develop your own strategy for building and exercising power and influence ethically and responsibly.


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