management information system

Management Information System Part 2

Course Description

This course is a step ahead of knowing the collective and organised form of data management in a workplace and reaches on to developing a better understanding on this.  Under this course of Management Information system, there is an introduction to a collection of technologies, people, and processes that are effectively used to manage the information and communication resources within an organization.

Course Objective

The core objective of the course is to develop a strong understanding of management information’s role. The course further will enrich the students about the impact of MIS onto the working of an organization and will help them know the importance of data and the related processes. It will guide them in:

  • Understanding Management Information Systems (MIS) and their role in today’s business environment.
  • Identifying how MIS controls and improves thejob performance and satisfaction and works towards enhancing career prospects.
  • Being introduced with the major trends in MIS and MIS infrastructures

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