management information system

Management Information System Part 4

Course Description

After discussing in details the definition, elements, importance and impacts of Management Information System, this course is introduced to take the learners’ understanding to the next final level by teaching them the application of MIS into different business verticals. 

Course Objective

Since a well managed information system encompasses successful interactions between people and the organized data, it is elementary desire to keep the students adept about making a successful use of data through Management Information systems.  

The course structure aims at making the students understand:

  • How Information systems and information technology transform the way an organisation operates
  • Recognise the key features that characterise the information
  • Learning about the challenges faced by an organisation in day to day business operations
  • Creating an efficient information security system for the organization
  • Knowing in deep the different applications of Information system in major areas like- finance, marketing, human resource etc. 

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