management information system

Management Information System Part 3

Course Description

With the growing use of a strategic management information system in almost every type and size of organization, it is important to realize its importance as a subject. This course assists the learners with a detailed view of MIS and teaches them how to leverage it in business. 

Course Objective

The course intends to introduce students with the networking technologies in detail, familiarise them with strategies and information systems leadership along with a brief introduction of information networks, developing and implementing information systems etc to make them adept to the advancing information technology. This course will guide them:

  • To understand how the advancements in management information systems will affect the workplaces and business strategies.
  • Explain how the components of MIS add value to an organization.
  • Solve business problems using information technology
  • Get adept with the system analysis and designing of a successful MIS.

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