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Management Information System Part 1

Course Description

The course focuses on a collective and organised form of data management in a workplace. With the multi-dynamic environments within the organisations, it has become the need of the hour to adopt efficient ways to collect, organise and store data in an integrated manner. The managers today need to understand the significance of well synchronised and structured communication of data and the course aims at teaching the students the aforesaid.

Course Objective

The core objective of the course is to develop a sense of IS management amongst the students. The course further expands itself to describe the relevance of technological components in the internal communication flow and data management of a workplace. The course structure aims at making the students understand:

  • Information systems and its importance in business management
  • Effective and efficient ways to manage data
  • the usage of technology to carry the management process
  • the importance of work flow a systematic format
  • Computer based information systems to swiftly carry the management process

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