operations management

Operations Management Part 2

Course Description

Operations Management is the systematic approach and control of the processes that transform inputs (e.g. human resources, facilities, materials, Information systems etc.) into finished goods and services. The operations function consists of the core wealth creation processes of a business and helps an organization to efficiently achieve its mission while constantly increasing productivity and quality. This course focuses on the role of operations management as a strategic element of the total organization. We will cover classic and up-to-date tools and concepts used to support operational managerial decisions.

Course Objective

Upon course completion, the participants will be able to:


  • To gain some ability to recognize situations in a production system environment that suggests the use of certain quantitative methods to assist in decision making on operations management and strategy.
  • To understand how Enterprise Resource Planning and MRPII systems are used in managing operations.
  • To increase the knowledge, and broaden the perspective of the world in which you will contribute your talents and leadership in business operations.
  • To understand the managerial responsibility for Operations, even when production is outsourced, or performed in regions far from corporate headquarters.

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