process management

Managerial Processes and Organizational Behavior Part 4

Course Description

This preparatory course is planned and prepared keeping in mind the importance and implications of conflicts within an organisation. Thus it aims to help students examine the behaviours with clear strategies and a better understanding of barriers in communication. 

Course Objective

The primary objective of this course is to help students learn the types of conflicts, find out the reasons behind occurrence of conflicts, help find the most effective solutions to them and equip them with problem solving abilities in a more strategic and ethical manner. 

The course would help the student in:

  • Understanding the reasons of conflicts
  • Comprehending the steps in solving the conflicts
  • Analysing the behaviour of individuals in an organisation which may be the reason of arising conflicts
  • Getting familiar with the tools used to recognize and identify behavioural traits
  • Handling the unpredictable issues in an organisation resulting into conflicts
  • Identifying the loopholes in communication processes
  • Eliminating the barriers in communication

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