process management

Managerial Processes and Organizational Behavior Part 5

Course Description

This course aims to aid students in examining different behavioural patterns of individuals and learn about personality, emotions, perceptions, values and attitudes that together form the organisational behaviour. This course is the final step to understanding managerial processes and organisational behaviour at its best. 

Course Objective

The primary objective of this course is to introduce the students with one of the major components of organisational behaviour pertaining to managerial process i.e., change. Since change is one of those constituents which effect the work environment to a great extent,

The course would help the student in:

  • Understanding in deep the different forces of change affecting a work environment
  • Knowing in detail the steps of managing change
  • Analysing the behaviour of individuals in an organisation
  • Identifying the behavioural traits of individuals
  • Handling stress in an organisation 

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