quantitative methods for business

Quantitative Techniques Part 2

Course Description

This course is specially designed for students with keen interest in learning varied quantitative techniques. This course gives a comprehensive introduction to the use of statistics in business decision-making and provides with the analytical tools needed for making informed business decisions. 

Course Objective

The course is carefully formulated to offer the students a hands on experience on various quantitative methods that contribute to an effective decision making. This course intends to help students understand the fundamentals of statistics and mathematics which are vital to a successful career in finance. The course aims to develop a keen understanding of:

  • Equipping students with essential statistical and mathematical tools.
  • Learning about the measures of central tendency
  • Knowing what is mean, median & mode and how are they calculated
  • Being adept with measures of dispersion and their varied applications
  • Finding out correct mean deviation and standard deviation
  • Getting familiar with Coefficient of variation

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