quantitative methods for business

Quantitative Techniques Part 5

Course Description

This course aims to answer all the questions related to quantitative methods being applied to a set of problems in a very unique and efficient manner. This course also provides an overview of the elements of research design and acts as a perfect module to assist the learners with a better understanding of quantitative techniques. 

Course Objective

This course is a pathway to students keen in exploring various statistical tools and techniques to reach to the solution of any given problem. It focuses on explaining topics like regression models, correlation and index numbers. 

The course would help the students in:

  • Selection and deployment of correct statistical technique for a given data
  • Develop expertise in analysing, describing and arranging data
  • Achieve a better understanding of different statistical models suitable to different business applications
  • Being able to enhance the problem solving skills through rigorous practise
  • Powerful analysis of quantitative problems arising in various different business setups

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