quantitative methods for business

Quantitative Techniques Part 3

Course Description

This is an advanced level of understanding the quantitative techniques applied to reach a successful business decision. It is a level ahead of basic quantitative techniques and talks about specific topics with a main focus on probability. Since probability plays a major role in business effectiveness through correct decision making, it thus becomes essential to include it as a subject. 

Course Objective

This course is intended to making the learners familiar with the language of mathematics and statistics and aims to cover important topics of mathematical abilities with a keen focus to probability. This module is specially designed to enable learners to understand the core statistical techniques and being able to apply the concepts to practical problems in business and finance. It helps in:

  • Providing students with hands on experience of working with, financial data.
  • Equipping them with the abilities to manipulating and understanding the information
  • applying probability concepts to decision making
  • application of probability techniques to solving technical business problems

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