research methodology

Research Methodology Part 5

Course Description

This course is designed to help the students gain the highest levels of proficiency into all the research methodologies, interpretations, data collection, data processing and analysis. It is a level next of research methodologies taught in the last four research courses and is thus regarded as the final step to becoming a research expert. 

Course Objective

The core objective of this course is to help students gain expertise in the various research areas spanning across different fields. This course intends to transform the learner into a research expert who is efficient in solving the research problems with rigorous applications of different approaches and methodologies. This course guides the students in:

  • Being on ace in processing the data effectively
  • Learn in details about all the statistical analysis of data
  • Being adept to understand the stages of data interpretation
  • Being able to apply different tests
  • Being able to prepare correct reports

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