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Security Analysis and Portfolio Management

Course Description

The goal of the course is to become familiar with the theory and empirical evidence related to investment management. Topics will include fundamentals of security valuation, the functioning of capital markets, optimal portfolio construction, elements of investor psychology, performance evaluation, and risk measurement. We’ll emphasize stocks, but other investments such as fixedincome securities and financial derivatives will also be considered. 

Course Objective

Topics will include the topics of equity investment, and fixed income investment in various markets in the case of individual securities and issues related to portfolio optimization and performance evaluation.
This also deals with the risk management instruments used to manage the risk in equity market. It provides the extensive idea about the mutual fund investment and develops general portfolio management tools which are applicable when managing portfolios with any of all asset classes.
In this context the main objectives of this course are:
(i) to provide a theoretical and practical background in the field of investments.

(ii) designing and managing the bond as well as equity portfolios in the real word.

(iii) valuing equity and debt instruments.

(iv) managing the mutual funds.

(v) measuring the portfolio performances.

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